About Me

My name is John and I am a recent graduate of the School of Public Affairs (SPA) at American University in Washington, DC. Ever since a young age I’ve been incredibly passionate about politics and have always strived to involve myself in the field whenever possible. From years of doing academic simulations of Congress and the United Nations, I’m a dedicated public speaker, a nerd for parliamentary procedure, and passionate about learning the inner workings of government.

I attended high school in Greenwich, CT, but lived all over North America growing up. From being born in Atlanta, to spending formative years in Mexico City, starting school in Miami, and growing up in Milwaukee, I’m very independent and adaptable to change. I’ve always been hard-working and ambitious, from holding a tech-support job in middle school, to maintaining a spot on the Dean’s List in college.

Following my graduation from American University, I began a Master of Science program at Leiden University, in Political Science with a focus on International Politics.

My Resume