About me

Hello, my name is Joseph Fratello and I am a Biology major at American University. I have aspirations of becoming a Veterinarian and have had the opportunity to intern at City Wildlife, a rehabilitation center for injured wild animals, and Friendship Hospital for Animals, a domestic veterinary hospital. These experiences have allowed me to work side by side with Veterinarians and through whom I have gained valuable knowledge and skills that I will one day employ in a professional setting. I am currently in my senior year at AU where I have had the pleasure of pursuing research for the last 3 years. I have worked on various projects pertaining to retinopathy in diabetic zebrafish and will soon be published. I was also hand-selected out of a class of 40 students to be recommended as a teachers assistant for an Evolution course due to my academic ability and tenuous grasp of genetics. I am currently working for the professor as a TA and thoroughly enjoy interacting and teaching younger students about the intricacies of Evolution.


Header Photo Credit: http://agouravet.com/dachshund/