About Me


 Hello! My name is Keighly Butler. I am from Robbinsville New Jersey. I am studying CLEG major (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government) at the American University. I am a part of the  Politics, Policy and Law accelerated BA program, and  a competitive 15 credit program to receive an Advanced Leadership Studies certificate. I was recently selected as a first year fellow for the D.C. Institution: the Kennedy Political Union. 

A team player: Whether it’s managing my town’s football team, collaborating in a Leadership think tank or preparing for a concert, the most important aspect I bring to a team environment is my ability to communicate, integrate, and synergize to achieve a common goal. My ability to invite other people to contribute ideas, synergize those ideas through active listening, utilize diverse ideas and operationalize them into a plan, is essential to a highly effective team. Furthermore, I strongly value inclusivity and collaborative synthesis. Every team member has an intrinsic point of view that can potentially bring a team closer to the common goal. By synthesizing those unique ideas into creating a solution, the team as a whole can achieve their goal or enhance it to a new level.