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I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by a family of immigrants and attending a 4-year university was a dream for the longest time. I am currently a sophomore at American University in Washington, D.C. My experience in the nation’s capital has been something that I have been looking forward to for years, and I am unbelievably excited to be here! I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Communication, and I am a member of the SPA Leadership Program.

Throughout high school, I played a very active role in my community and in my school. I was Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Newspaper Club, President of National Honors Society, a Member of the Student Council, and Vice President of the Environmental Club.

Outside of school, I was part of a campaign for universal free school lunch in New York City, where I advocated for free lunch for all NYC public students. This campaign was a success, and universal free school lunch is now implemented in all public schools in NYC. This was a pivotal moment in my life because I realized how much of a say I had in the creation of real policy and that I could do good for other people through politics. I also volunteered for Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and several local campaigns. Bernie Sanders was my main inspiration for entering politics because I saw a fellow Brooklynite rise up and create monumental, inspirational change in politics. Also, I have interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, specifically for the Education section, where I assisted in creating programs for teenagers and children attending events at the MET. I previously worked with children with special needs and interned at the League of Women Voters in NYC this past summer. At the League, I created a voter guide for the NYC elections this summer and helped people register to vote.

During this time, I spent most of my summers at Surprise Lake Camp: a sleepaway camp in Cold Spring, NY. I attended the camp for 9 years as a camper and I participated in the Backstage Crew for Drama and the Teva Club, which was dedicated to nature and survival skills. I learned a significant amount of leadership skills at camp and I ended up working there as the Jewish Resources Aide in 2016. My responsibilities included creating activities relating to Judaism for the children at the camp and assisting the Rabbi with regular Jewish programming. Also, I was a staff member for “The Times of Surprise Lake” where I worked with young children to create a newspaper for the camp.

At American University, I am a Program Assistant at the Center for Israel Studies, President of Democracy Matters at AU, and Communications Co-Coordinator of the SPA Leadership Program. As a Program Assistant at the Center for Israel Studies, I help plan events featuring journalists, ambassadors, and experts on Israel. I recently established a Democracy Matters chapter at American University. There, I plan bi-weekly meetings and lobby days to inform students about the influence of money in politics. In SPA Leadership, I am working on my second-year project that will focus on creating a civics education program in D.C. charter schools. As Communications Co-Coordinator, I coordinate outreach to the Leadership community through the newsletter, social media pages, and the Leadership website.

This past summer, I was a Staffer for the Max Rose for Congress campaign in the NY-11 congressional district. I canvassed hundreds of doors each work, and I led outreach to the Russian community in South Brooklyn. This experience was very formative for me because I had the opportunity to learn about the issues that concern my community and all of the residents of South Brooklyn.

I am incredibly passionate about many issues, such as economic inequality, campaign finance reform, and education. I can be found discussing my love for Brooklyn, reading about NYC politics and history, or researching some obscure topic.