About Me

My name is Muskan, it is pronounced moose-khan, and I am a freshman in the School of Public Affairs at American University. I am studying Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG). I am in a program called Public, Policy, and Law, which is an intensive 3-year curriculum that requires me to work and intern during the summers. I am currently on the pre-law track, and I would like to stay in DC for law school as well. At American, I am associated with many different groups including eagleTHON, Rugby, and The Student Philanthropy Council. EagleTHON is a group that raises money throughout the year to donate to the National Children’s Hospital. We do so by engaging community fundraisers and reaching out to businesses for donations. The Student Philanthropy Council also hosts fundraisers, but instead, we raise for American University and its students. This most often includes collecting alumni gifts and encouraging peers to donate to help the school improve with an increased budget.

My passions include writing, I write poetry and I was recently published in a New Jersey magazine for my poem expressing my Indian background. I was a percussionist for an extended period of my high school career where I frequently traveled to perform for prestigious audiences. My favorite activity was Debate, which I also plan to continue at American. I participated in many community service projects, and that was a result of growing up Sikh. Sikhism profoundly preaches the values of service and my parents faithfully encouraged me to continue that.

I am also a member of the School of Public Affairs leadership program, in which I am given a specific policy group as a focus. This year I am in Public Health and Policy. Within this group, I will research a particular issue affecting the DC community. In the next semester, we will implement our research to put it into effect. Doing this process, I will acquire skills and qualities which aid me in becoming a better leader.

My goals are all oriented around being the best version of myself, and SPA Leadership had been an igniter for me in realizing the aspects of myself that require improvement. I am looking to shape all of my AU experiences to help me grow and to grow others.