About Me


My name is Manaswi Maddipatti. I am a sophomore at American University in Washington
DC. I am pursuing a double major in Political Science and Journalism, with a certification in Advanced Leadership studies from the School of Public Affairs. Ever since I was little, I craved for my opinion to be heard, and that desire soon encouraged me to join my school’s Model United Nations team. I fell in love with the energy and collaboration that filled the committee rooms, inspiring me to major in political science. In the political atmosphere, I am interested in international relations, women’s rights, and economic inequality. While in school, I started a Girl Up club, through the Girl Up Organization, and led it for three years to not only teach girls around me about girls’ rights around the world but also gain a better understanding for myself. For the club, we would host meetings where we would either explain a certain issue or play some team-bonding games.

Outside of academics, I am interested in learning languages and the cultures behind them. I started learning Spanish in middle school and found it fascinating to be able to understand a different world with its own music, movies, and even jokes. Growing up in a strong South Indian community, I came to love my family’s origins and have developed an interest in understanding my religion, Hinduism, past the surface level. From the age of five, I have been learning Carnatic music, a form of Indian classical music, vocally, and instrumentally (Veena).

I am excited to be studying in DC and looking forward to becoming more involved in politics!!