About Me


My name is Manaswi Maddipatti. I am a senior at American University in Washington D.C. I am majoring in Political Science, with a specialization in Comparative Politics. In addition, I am pursuing a minor in Statistics and a certification in Advanced Leadership studies from the School of Public Affairs. Ever since I was little, I craved for my opinion to be heard, and that desire soon encouraged me to join my school’s Model United Nations team. I fell in love with the energy and collaboration that filled the committee rooms, inspiring me to major in political science.

During my time in college, I have competed in several conferences and developed strong communication and collaboration skills. In addition to competing, I served as the Director of Conference Operations at the 49th National High School Model United Nations Conference hosted in New York City. I also served as Simulation Director this past fall for the Washington International Relations Conference. With interest in South Asia politics, I aspire to work international policy research and development.

Growing up, I was exposed to various cultures and languages in India and around the world. My parents were also multilingual so I was able to learn Telugu and Hindi at home, as well as Spanish throughout middle and high school. Outside of school, I am a Carnatic singer and play an Indian classical instrument known as Veena.

I look forward to exploring my interests during my time in D.C!