About Me

I graduated from American University with a degree in Justice and Law. Although my degree has law in it and I have worked with attorneys for the majority of my college career, I do not have any interest in going to law school in the near future. What I want to focus on is K-12 education policy, juvenile justice policy, and immigrant justice which is why I have a minor in Public Administration and Policy. I want to get my Masters in Public Policy so I can analyze and create policies that help disadvantaged communities. I want to be part of a generation that fights to get rid of oppressive policies and finally give power and equality to communities of color.

A New Yorker at heart, it hurts me to say that I have a touch of Floridian in me because my family has lived there for 12 years now. However, whether I live in D.C. or Florida I will always root for all my New York teams because New York is in my blood. You could say I have the fast-paced, always on the go personality of a New Yorker but I do know when to stop and appreciate what I have. One important thing I love to do is laugh because in that moment I forget about the stress, anxiety, and worry in my life and that’s the best feeling. I was born in the summer so I love the sun, being outside, and going to the beach (and always remember to wear sunscreen of course). I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences while in college because it has shaped me in who I am today and what I want to do in my career. Enjoy!