About Me

Hi, my name is Noah Haines and I am originally from Wilmington, Delaware. I am currently majoring in an in interdisciplinary study called CLEG (Communications, Legal, Institutions, Economics, and Government), at American University. My passion for these four elements of my major began in high school. I was always fascinated by the study of political science; and as a result, I was always interested in how good communication skills, principles of law, knowledge of economics, and aspects of government could shape the study of politics. Ultimately, I want to be able to use all of these aspects of my major to shape public policy; while consequently making a positive impact on humanity.

Essentially, in order to be effective in public service it is essential to be a good leader. My interest in leadership began in high school, as I was the President and led numerous different clubs inside and outside of school. In school, I was the President of both Student Government and National Honor Society. Outside of school, I was the President of my Jewish Youth Group (BBYO) and a scholar in the Delaware Youth Leadership Network. All of these experiences have helped my leadership skills grow and develop. Thus, my ardor for leadership is the reason I wanted to apply and get involved in the SPA Leadership Program at American University. I am ready to learn more about leadership in this program, and apply these skills in a social action project.

Furthermore, I believe that CLEG, and leadership go directly hand in hand with one another. Evidently, and over the course of history, those who have greatly changed public policy; such as, Presidents, Civil Rights Activists, and Women’s Right’s Activists, have all been effective because they were skilled and influential leaders. Leadership is a lot like academic classes, and is an area of study that takes time and practice. Anyone can be a good leader; however, it is a skill that isn’t perfected, but progressed. Hence, my knowledge in public affairs can only take me so far in any profession, and so, to make the next step, it is important that I master the ethical approaches of bona fide leadership.