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The Olson Scholars Program recognizes high-achieving first-year students as they enter their sophomore year at SIS. The program provides a structured, challenging, and supportive curricular environment within which high-performing undergraduate students have the opportunity to pursue advanced work in international studies under the close supervision of a member of the SIS faculty.  You can learn more about the Olson Scholars Program on the American University website.

About the Class Site

Olson Scholars will use this Class Site to discuss questions and issues common to the research process in SISU-206 and SISU-306 as well as to discuss various aspects of their own research projects. You can view class-wide posts and discussions on the Class Posts page.  Each Scholar will also create an individual website on which they will highlight their research projects and document the research process (status updates, meetings with faculty mentors, and more).  Scholars will be able to maintain and update their individual sites even after completing SISU-206/306.  As such, the individual website that each Olson Scholar creates not only helps facilitate the research process in SISU-206/306, but also becomes the core of an online portfolio of research and scholarship for each Olson Scholar.

Get started personalizing your own site!

Take a look at a list of websites created by the Olson Scholars. A standardized Olson Scholar Template is available for reference.  If you need assistance, please visit our Help & Support page.