Final Research Papers from the 2017-2018 Olson Cohort 

Case Studies

Hardin, EmmaLeah: “An Analysis of Factors which Influence Individual’s Opinions of Homosexuality in the Middle East.”

Herschlag, Daniel: “Investigating the Failure to Rebel: The Case of the Russian Minority of Northeast Estonia from 1992-1993.”

Higgins, Noah: “The Making of an Illiberal Democracy: The Case of Hungary.”

Mirza, Zainab: “From International Framework to Domestic Law: The Translation of REDD+ into National Forestry Legislation.”

Palmer, Rachel: “Struggling to Survive: The Persecution of Religious Minorities.”

Ramsey, Jack: “Mixed Signals: The Chinese Government and the 2017 Anti-South Korean Movement.”

Sarova, Dayana: “Europe Divided: The Clinton Administration’s Transatlantic Security Project.”

Tano, Luis: “Socialism with Cuban Characteristics: The Emergence of Foreign Direct Investment in Cuba.”

White, Julia: “Bringing Women to the Table: Women’s Inclusion in the Northern Ireland Peace Process.”

Zitzmann, Bobby: “Success and Failure in the Color Revolutions: The Role of US Democracy Assistance.”


Interpretivist Studies

Majeski, Adam: “The Lives of Young Dadaabians: A Discourse Analysis of Western Representations in Video.”

Szabo, Gwenyth: “The Politics of Perception: An Interpretivist Approach to Refugee Burden-Sharing.”

Whyte, Camille: “Exclusion and Necessity: The Construction of Migrant Workers in Singapore.”


Statistical Studies

Csanadi, Alexander: “Foreign Capital Inflows and Economic Well-Being: A Statistical Analysis of 46 Sub-Saharan African Countries from 1995-2015.”

Mejia, Carolyn: “Fear and Terrorism: A Statistical Analysis of Threat Perception.”

Tietz, Nathan: “Explaining Global Variation in Operation Hours for Metro Transport Systems.”


Final Research Papers from the 2016-2017 Olson Cohort 

Case Studies

Avis, Zachary. “Not in our Yard: Examining Differences in Latin American Resistance Towards U.S. Drug Policy”

Curtin-Orsmond, Seamus. “The Officer as Viceroy: Examining the Role of Hegemony in the Militarization of Diplomacy”

Goetzke, Brianna. “People as Pawns: Leveraging a Migrant Crisis”

Losada, Paloma. “Institutions Before Profits: The Development of Labor Rights After Globalization in Central America”

Rogers, Bryce. “Sourcing Sultanism: An Analysis of the Foundations”


Interpretivist Studies 

Fedasiuk, Ryan. “Courage and Cowardice: A Discourse Analysis of Suicide and Self-Harm in Russia”

Forsyth, Alison. “Who’s the Bad Guy?: Competing Human Rights Discourses in Venezuela”

Fujii, Albert T. “Italian Artifact Restitution: Who Owns History?”

Knott, Diana. “Villians, Victims, and Heroines: Constructing Female Security in the Case of the Shiv Sena Mahila Aghadi in Mumbai, India”

Roebuck, Annie. “Constructing and Contesting Female Empowerment: A Discourse Analysis of She’s the First”

Singh, Rohan. “The Indian Education System: Does the Legal and Political Representation of Education Challenge Western Pathways Towards Social Development?”

Valone, Olivia. “Security or Humanity: German Identity and the Syrian Refugee Crisis”

Whitson, Connor. “Rebuilding from Genocide: Framing Development in Rwanda Post-1994”


Poster Examples from the 2016-2017 Olson Cohort












Final Research Papers from the 2015-2016 Olson Cohort

Large-N Quantitative Studies

Bassney, John. “Revenue and Democratic Politics Across Commodities”

Kaufmann, Jonathan. “Exploring the Efficacy of Reintegration Assistance for Former Child Soldiers”


Case Studies

Kaufman, Greta. “The Convergence of Terrorism and Organized Crime Explored Through Latin American Case Studies”

Layer, Liza. “Understanding Putin’s Approval Ratings During Russia’s Current Economic Crisis”

Theuma, Luke. “Explaining the French Partial Withdrawal From NATO”

Wong, Bailey. “Understanding the Potential for Conflict in the South China Sea”


Interpretivist Studies

Borth, Amanda. “Understanding Global Sustainable Development Discourses within Eco-labeled Companies”

Fabian, Carly. “Buffer Zones and Contested Terrain: Shifting Roles for Women in Counterterrorism”

Harlos, Catherine. “Empowerment by Whom, for Whom? Power, Erasure, and Iconization in She’s the First”

Luboteni, Jeta. “Self-Determination in the Modern World Order: A Look at Kosovo”

Vaughan, Katie. “The Discourse of Development: A Close Study of International Actors in Guatemala”


Poster Examples from the 2015-2016 Olson Cohort