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OpenTextBookStore was created by educators frustrated with the time involved in finding adoptable open textbooks, with the hope to make open textbook adoption easier for other faculty. OpenTextBookStore searches the Internet for the best quality textbooks issued under open licenses that allow for printing. These books are easily adoptable and ready to use in a college classroom.

In their catalog, you’ll find a description of the book, the table contents, and a list of any supplements available for the book. You’ll also find information on license and file formats, and a rating from our editors. If you like the sound of the book, you can visit the book’s webpage, view the book online, or order a copy from one of their print partners.

They are not a publisher. This is solely a listing site for publicly available open textbooks, maintained by a teacher. Print copies are made available through third party print-on-demand companies. Many of the courses have course packages available through, which provides free online homework for several open math textbooks.


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How may I use this material?

Copyright is usually used to restrict the rights of the consumer. Open textbooks are textbooks for which the author has granted a set of permissive rights. While slight variations exist on what people consider “open”, they often include:

– The right to use (read) the book without cost, typically through free online viewing
– The right to share the book with others
– The right to modify, adapt, or remix the book to fit your needs
– The right to print the book for your own use

In most cases, the license does require that the original author receive attribution for the work. Some licenses add additional restrictions. OpenTextBookStore only lists books for which the original license allows for commercial use, or for which the author has listed their open textbook on one of our print partners.