ArduiPod Box

Aug 22, 2016

ArduiPod Box is a simple, comprehensive touchscreen-based operant conditioning chamber that utilizes an iPod Touch in conjunction with an Arduino microcontroller to present visual and auditory stimuli, record behavior in the form of nose-pokes or screen touches, and deliver liquid reward. In his 2014 paper, Oskar Pineño introduces ArduinoPod Box and demonstrates the use of the device in a visual discrimination task.

ArduiPod Box relies on an open-source iOS app named Shaping that can be downloaded for free at the iTunes store, as well as, on Dr. Pineno’s website

Build Instructions

Detailed instructions for assembly of the ArduiPod Box are also detailed on Oskar Pineno’s website.

See the ArduiPod Box in Action

Here’s a short video of the Arduipod Box being used to gather data on a behaving rat.