pMAT (photometry modular analysis tool)

Jul 19, 2022

Fiber photometry has become a widely used technology for recording cellular activity and neurotransmitter signals through the use of fiber optics and fluorescent sensors. However, a challenge that remains with fiber photometry is learning how to analyze the large data sets. To address this, Carissa Bruno and colleagues from the Barker Lab have introduced pMAT (photometry modular analysis tool) to create a user-friendly analysis pipeline.

pMAT can be downloaded and used independently, but can also be downloaded for use in MATLAB for those who wish to further develop the tool, making it applicable for users with any level of coding skill. The group provides examples on how to use the software with sample data and video tutorials, all available on GitHub. The software has many features to both analyze and visualize data, including tracing across entire experimental sessions, quantifying spikes, and examining response stability. Additionally, the group is working to create an interface between pMAT and other softwares, such as DeepLabCut and SimBA. It is compatible with several fluorescent sensors and acquisition systems, making pMAT a flexible, easy to use tool that can be utilized across laboratories.

This research tool was created by your colleagues. Please acknowledge the Principal Investigator, cite the article in which the tool was described, and include an RRID in the Materials and Methods of your future publications. RRID:SCR_022570

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