Nov 4, 2021

Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-fMRI) is an exciting technique that enables real-time data monitoring and neural feedback. However, the current software solutions for this technique are generally limited in terms of analysis and cost. To provide a more flexible solution, Jeff MacInnes and colleagues have developed Pyneal, an open source software package to support rt-fMRI via data in the formats generated by the three major MRI manufacturers (Siemens, Philips, and GE).

Pyneal provides the ability to view fMRI data in real-time, enabling on-going analysis during scans, monitoring of data quality, and presentation of neural feedback to participants. Pyneal is highly flexible, allowing for advanced custom experiments such as multiple ROI neurofeedback, brain state classification, dynamic control of the experiment, and brain-computer interaction. Pyneal is written entirely in Python, and has extensive documentation, installation guides, example analyses and tutorials. Pyneal, provides an excellent way to enter the exciting world of rt-fMRI with a powerful, flexible software.

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Read more about Pyneal in their Frontiers in Neuroscience paper!

GitHub Repository

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