Nov 2, 2022

pyPhotometry is an open source system for fiber photometry. The project includes hardware and software. The pyPhotometry acquisition board uses a Micropython microcontroller. It is capable of acquiring data from two digital and two analog inputs and generates analog control signals using two built-in LED drivers. Software includes a graphics interface (written using the cross-platform PyQT library) for data acquisition and analysis. Within this GUI, the user has access to different features such as controls for acquisition boards and parameters, LED currents, and starting and stopping data acquisition and recording. pyPhotometry uses time-division multiplexed illumination to collect and analyze photometry data. Time-division illumination alternates the timing of light pulses over two LED channels, allowing for recordings from two different indicators or from one indicator and an isosbestic control.

In our testing of the system, we found it very easy to set up and use. Documentation is extensive on the design and assembly of the system, and is available here: Acquisition boards can be purchased ready to be used from the Open Ephys Store:

This research tool was created by your colleagues. Please acknowledge the Principal Investigator, cite the article in which the tool was described, and include an RRID in the Materials and Methods of your future publications. RRID:SCR_022940


Read the paper in Scientific Reports!

GitHub wiki

Download the necessary software and check out the tutorials from the source!

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