Dec 3, 2020


John Magnotti and colleagues have developed a comprehensive open-source software for Reproducible Analysis and Visualization of intracranial EEG data (RAVE).

Intracranial EEGs produce massive amounts of data that requires labor intensive programming to analyze. This often requires custom code that can be unreliable and difficult to reproduce. RAVE streamlines this analysis with a unique visual interface that guides you through preprocessing and analysis of data – no programming required! RAVE also has comprehensive visualization tools that can make publication ready figures with several plot types and 3D cortical surface models for electrode activity visualization. RAVE is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and can run on laptops, servers, or in the cloud. RAVE is a powerful tool that makes intracranial EEG analysis and visualization easier than ever.

Read the Paper!

Read more about RAVE in their NeuroImage paper!

GitHub Repository

Get access to necessary files, designs, and code for RAVE from their GitHub repository!

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