Will Canellakis

Deep Cover: The Drug Wars is a criminal investigative podcast following drug smuggling operations in North Carolina. I wanted to explore the notions of power and privilege that are present throughout the podcast itself. Indeed, as hosted by a White male, there are multiple instances wherein the podcast reproduces racist assumptions and depictions of who BIPOC drug smugglers are. Thus, I chose to deconstruct these instances of racism and classism through an infographic that identifies specific quotes and assumptions that are said and made by the podcast host. And I chose an infographic in order to starkly parallel these problematic statements to the reality that many BIPOC are forced to endure as a result.

Callia Cordasco

I focused on Dirty John, a podcast about a lifelong manipulator whose death surprised listeners. I wanted to explore the impact podcast hosts hold in true crime podcasts and how they create specific perceptions of people depending on their goal. I chose to create an infographic because I could use images of people to create a relationship between them and my viewer while still explaining my purpose.

Olivia Jones

Dirty John

The podcast I decided to do was Dirty John. Dirty John follows Debra and her family as they discover the truth about her new husband. I wanted to explore the difference between reporting the same story through different media. I chose to make a quiz for people who do not know whether to start with the podcast for the Netflix series. Take the quiz to find out!

Vicky Cairrao

The Orange Tree tells the story of the murder of Jennifer Cave and the case of accused murderer Colton Pitonyak and accomplice Laura Hall. I chose to do a video for my project which allows me to discuss the topics I wanted to focus on while also providing the audience with a visual component by displaying pictures of people, locations, and pictures discussed in the podcast.

I chose to explore the idea of the role of hosts in podcasts and how important they are to the structure of the podcast and also to the way people perceive the information presented in the podcast. I also give an honest review of the podcast and posing the questions and concerns I had when listening to the podcast to build in a way that would be entertaining to the listeners.

Ryan Jordan

Dolly Parton’s America

This site is an online forum dedicated to displaced individuals with a longing for home or anyone in a nostalgic mood during this difficult time. The inspiration for this site came from the award-winning podcast series Dolly Parton’s America a production of Shima Oliaee hosted by Jad Abumrad. Jad Abumrad, during the making of the highly acclaimed podcast, realized something that unifies all when listening to Dolly Parton’s music. Abumrad called it the ‘smoky mountain trance,’ and it is the sense of both longing and contentment that resonates in Dolly Parton’s music and life. Through the convergence of images, music and dialogue, this site contributes to the theme of music and celebrities in podcasting by making a note of the influence Dolly Parton has on listeners of the Dolly Parton’s America podcast. In addition, this site welcomes the sharing of dialogue, creative content and ideas on the topic of displacement.

Grace Gallagher

Missing Richard Simmons follows the search for Richard Simmons, after he disappeared in 2014. The quest is conducted by one of his former Slimmons members, Dan Taberski, who hosts the podcast and tries to understand why Richard Simmons would want to leave his life behind. I wanted to explore the idea of manipulation to show how podcast hosts give themselves authority to speak on other people’s lives and create theories, which only misleads their listeners into believing assumptions. I examine the motives and invasiveness of podcast hosts because they overstep boundaries. However, they portray themselves as well-intentioned journalists causing the listeners to believe what they are doing is necessary and reasonable, when it is rather unjust and harmful to those they are discussing. I made a timeline because similar to “Missing Richard Simmons” it presents events in chronological order. The timeline, however, does not include a host to persuade listeners that their actions are respectable.It only presents the facts, which properly educates readers and allows them to come to their own conclusions.

Natalia Lopez

The Orange Tree

For my project, I wanted to create something I would personally enjoy and find useful. I listened to The Orange Tree podcast series that tells the story of Jennifer Caves’ murder, back in 2005. After listening to all 7 episodes of the series I noticed that while listening to the episodes I had been looking up photos of everything that was being mentioned. This is why I created this supplemental visual guide for The Orange Tree, which can be used simultaneously with the podcast. To created I used a poster/brochure format to be able to portray all of the visuals needed.

Pascale Burnett

Making is a podcast that profiles different celebrities through limited episode series. While my project is focused on the episodes about Barack Obama, they have also profiled Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce. Through the six episodes about Obama, they follow him from his early childhood through his early days as a politician.

Through my project, I chose to focus on the parallel between campaign slogans and podcasts in the way that they use diction to influence their audiences. Although campaign slogans are short, they need to be effective in delivering the values of a politician to a wide audience. Like in podcasts, each word must be carefully chosen to persuade and influence the audience.

I decided to display this information through a website due to both my passion for design and because I knew I wanted to highlight many politicians. My project serves as a jumping-off point to many other resources and I think that a website is the best way to provide the links to all those resources. Because I feature five different politicians and their respective campaign slogans, I wanted to use a format that allowed me to organize them in a clear way.

Tillie Mintz

Missing Richard Simmons by journalist Dan Taberski.

This podcast was intended to figure out why Richard Simmons took a step back from the spotlight and where he is now. Dan Taberski crossed the privacy line as soon as he began recording the podcast. Dan Taberski arrived at his home and continued to talk about someone who simply wanted privacy, which invaded the personal space that Richard Simmons’ was searching for. I wanted to explore the idea of celebrities and their privacy, and to show what it is like to be watched constantly. I created an interactive website in order for the viewer to get a better sense of what it could be like when the spotlight is always on you. I lead the viewer through questions and experiences to help one think about how they would react with a camera always in their face. I also made a section of my website to appear as if it were an Instagram account because these celebrities are always having images of them appear whether they know it or not.

Connaught Riley

Dolly Parton’s America is hosted by Jad Aumrad and produced by Shima Oliaee at WNYC Studios. This series takes a deep dive into Dolly Parton as a whole, focusing on how she came to be loved by so many different people. As someone who wasn’t super familiar with Dolly, I found myself turning to google for physical pictures of her and all the different aspects mentioned in the podcast. My project attempts to collect all those images into one collage. Thus, creating a space where listeners can go to obtain a visual aid to the podcast. My collage contains a history of Dolly Parton, it shows her through her many stages in her career, as well as including her many accomplishments mentioned in the podcast: Dollywood, 9 to 5, and Dolly’s Stampede. Dolly’s identity is in part created by her presentation, the big blond hair becoming a well know trademark of Dolly Parton.