About Me

Robin Miller is a freshman Political Science major in the School of Public Affairs at American University in Washington D.C. She is a member of the AU Honors Program, a rigorous four year program focused on interdisciplinary learning and academic excellence. Through the School of Public Affairs, she is also pursuing a Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies, a program that cultivates leadership skills to prepare students for a future in leadership roles in public service.

Robin is heavily involved with political activism, both in her new residence of D.C. and back home in Westford, Massachusetts. Last summer, she completed a fellowship with the Dan Koh for Congress campaign. Dan Koh was a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in MA-3. Robin spent the summer knocking on doors (around 2200 of them), phone banking (for over 60 hours), and recruiting a vast network of volunteers from the community. Although Dan ultimately lost the competitive Democratic primary by just 142 votes, Robin cannot wait to work on another campaign again. Robin was also a leader in multiple high school clubs and activities, including Co-Leader of the Gender Sexuality Alliance, Vice President and Co-Founder of the National Organization for Women Club, student organizer of a student walkout against gun violence, director of a theatrical production of Bright Half Life by Tanya Barfield, and student organizer of a schoolwide Diversity Day that promoted inclusion and acceptance. She’s currently involved with the new “Civics in the Capitol” program, which is developing a curriculum to teach local D.C. middle school students in public charter schools about their civil rights and responsibilities.

Robin prides herself on following what she believes in and trying to create a more just world. She hopes to use her leadership skills to promote this worldview. She dreams of being a campaign manager one day to create a more diverse and representative government.

If you’re looking for Robin, you can contact her at rm4638a@american.edu or she can usually be found at the nearest protest.