Looking to see more about Robin besides words on a page? Look through some of the photos of moments and experiences that have made her who she is.

A screenshot of a Google Meets call with 12 people smiling and clapping.

Robin’s final day at Sapphire Strategies after 11 months!

Robin is standing in front of a US Postal Office. She is holding an envelope for a mail-in ballot in her hand and is taking a selfie. She is wearing a fabric mask with flowers.

Robin casting her vote via absentee ballot in November 2020!

Robin is taking a selfie with a group of 9 other people sitting around a plastic folding table covered with paper packets and water bottles. In the back, there are NH for Warren signs and a cardboard cut out of Elizabeth Warren

Robin filling out/distributing packets with other Winter for Warren Fellows right before the New Hampshire Primary!

Elizabeth Warren and Robin with their arms around each other and smiling at the camera. Robin is wearing a liberty green "I'm a Warren Democrat" t-shirt, and Warren is wearing a dark blue cardigan. The background is red and white stripes of the flag.

Robin with one of her icons, Senator Elizabeth Warren, on the infamous Selfie Line!

Robin is leaning down to give a golden retriever a belly rub. She is smiling at the camera excitedly.

…and of course, the most important Warren: Bailey Warren!

Robin is taking a selfie with two other young women in the background holding Gloria Miller for School Committee Signs. They are by a road and sidewalk. All 3 are smiling at the camera.

Robin sign holding at the polls for Gloria Miller for Westford School Committee! Gloria won re-election with the most votes out of six candidates and is now the Chair of WSC.

Cinda and Robin are smiling at the camera in a selfie, while sitting together on a porch. They both have purple stickers that say "Cinda Danh for Ward 6 City Council."

Robin (right) with Cinda Danh (left), former candidate for Ward 6 City Council in Lynn, MA. Robin volunteered for Danh’s campaign during her internship with the MWPC and still stays in touch!

Robin stands on the porch of a house. She is turning around to face the camera and is holding up a piece of campaign literature.

Robin knocking doors in Quincy, MA for Danielle Kempe for Quincy City Council. Robin met Kempe through training at Emerge Massachusetts and volunteered with her through her internship with the MWPC.

Robin at a protest, with her mouth open as she yells out a chance. Her two hands are held up in protest, with "I BELIEVE" written on them in sharpie.

Robin at a protest against confirming Brett Kavanaugh her freshman year of college.

Robin standing in front of the US Capitol Building, wearing a Dan Koh for Congress t-shirt. She is smiling, and her hands are on her hips in a power pose.

Robin first became involved with campaigns as part of the Dan Koh for Congress campaign in her home district of MA-3. She took this photo when she first came to college in DC and has continued to support Dan throughout the years. She is proud to call Dan a good friend and is very proud of his recent appointment as Chief of Staff in the Department of Labor!