About Me



Sean-Matthew Flores is an undergraduate student at the American University, School of Public Affairs in Washington, D.C. Sean is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government, and a minor in Public Health. Through his membership in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, Sean will also obtain a Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies.

As a proud Nevadan, raised in military roots, Sean understands the vitality of service to his nation and is committed to ensuring that he makes his own contribution to that call of duty. Through serving as the sole caretaker of his ailing mother, Sean witnessed a number of inadequacies in both the medical and the legal systems. Experiencing how his mother fell victim to malpractice in military hospitals and the lack of progress in developing a sufficient treatment to combating cancer, has inspired Sean to pursue a career as a Constitutional, civil rights and medical malpractice attorney, an oncology researcher, and a health policy executive.

Sean recognized from a young age that there are so many unfortunate individuals out there who have been underrepresented and mistreated, not only with respect to their health but in regards to a multitude of other issues as well. Throughout his studies in the nation’s capital, Sean will develop the skill-set necessary to accomplish the aforementioned objectives. As a commitment to his mother, his God, and his country, Sean will work vigorously in upholding his values of faith, integrity, respect, and patriotism, in order to ensure that all receive the fair and adequate treatment they are due as both citizens of this nation and citizens of humanity. 

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