I am a documentary filmmaker working to tell meaningful stories that foster connections to our environment. In my current role, I highlight the wildlife and beauty of National Marine Sanctuaries and the folks working to protect them through scripting and editing educational videos and short documentaries. I am also working as the director of photography and editor for a film about genetic disorders and the role that environmental factors play in the study of genetics and as an associate producer for a film that is working alongside Alaska Native Tribes to protect the Tongass National Forest, the world’s largest remaining temperate rainforest.

In addition to filmmaking, I have experience managing and coordinating social media, working in front end web development, designing infographics and magazines, and copy editing. I have created a web series about sustainability, filmed hippopotamus in South Africa, edited a film about science communication, designed a magazine for the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, and produced a documentary about the Anacostia River. Working both in the editing room and behind a camera, I am interested in finding creative ways to draw people towards their nature. I hold a masters degree from American University in Film and Media Arts.