Sierra Toni Meredith


As a member of American University’s class of 2021, and the SPA leadership program I feel I have a hardworking attitude towards life which I plan to continue throughout my college and professional career. Throughout my collegiate years I have been an AU Ambassador, and a teaching assistant for the SPA leadership program. In my professional experience I was an intern for Senator Pat Toomey in the Fall of 2018 and a Detective Aide for Metropolitan Police Department in the Fall of 2019.  After completing my education and receiving a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG), I plan to pursue a career in a law enforcement agency. My goals have always been to make a difference in the safety of the world through preventing catastrophe before it happens, and always being prepared to help those in need recover from the devastation that was not prevented. Leadership skills, and training in my field of choice are abilities I am eager to learn in order to prepare myself for the future I am seeking.


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