Leadership Experiences

Type of Experience: Part time employment

Name of Experience: Research Clerk at the Golan Firm

Date or Time Frame: January 2021 to Present 

Description: My time at the Golan Firm has enhanced my leadership experience by forcing me out of my comfort zone in areas I feel inexperienced in. At the Golan Firm we have a variety of cases on various topics, and each topic has a ‘captain’ who is the ‘go to’ person for information on this subject. Moreover, I never felt comfortable enough stepping forward considering I was no expert on any matter there; however, the lead lawyer at the firm pushed me into a role regardless, and now I feel that it has been one of the greatest learning tools for me, and also a way to improve my leadership abilities in action. 


Type of Experience: University Credit

Name of Experience: Teaching Assistant with the SPA Leadership Program

Date or Time Frame: March 2018 to May 2019

Description: From my experience as a teaching assistant with the leadership program I was taught a variety of lessons, most importantly the feeling of being relied upon by others. While I had thought I knew this before it was completely different when I was a bridge of communication between my individual students and directors and faculty of the program. It was my responsibility to relay information on classes, retreats, budgets, presentation formats. And I found that it was extremely important to be thorough and take notes because anything I forgot never made its way to the group.



Type of Experience: Volunteer

Name of Experience: American University Ambassador

Date or Time Frame: September 2017 to May 2019

Description: As an American University Ambassador I was surprised how much I felt myself to be in a leadership role. AU Ambassador’s are responsible for university tours as well as prospective student overnights and daytime admission events. Moreover, I found that this role played an extremely large part in conveying AU messages and campus morale to these prospective students. I was a university leader and much more than just an individual. This experience gave me an opportunity to represent something aside from myself. 


Type of Experience: Internship

Name of Experience: 1st District Detective’s Unit at the Metropolitan Police Department

Date or Time Frame: September 2019 to December 2019

Description: My leadership experience in this role was rather unique because it came from a small project that I turned into a larger one based on my own ideas. During my time with the Detective’s Unit, the office received a donation of emergency kits that were barely put together or organized. As an intern I was asked to merely help transport them from point A to point B; however, after seeing the condition and organization of these packs I took it upon myself to create a management system. Here I organized each pack by its model, contents, and condition; and then assisted in their distribution to team members and squad cars. This small task turned into a several weeks long project that assisted the department as a whole much more than the donation was originally thought to. 

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