About Me

I have spent a majority of my life dedicating myself to finding the best ways to involve myself with the community and other organizations. I truly believe that the best way to invoke change is to be directly involved. I am currently enrolled at American University and will graduate May 2021. My goals in life are to work with people toward bettering low and middle-income families and civilians by targeting economic and health issues.  I have a lot of experience working with people and children involving life goals and choices. So far I have been involved in Hawaii Leadership Academy, and have worked on passing a piece of legislation (HB2177) and the startup of a nonprofit (Kauai Edible Parks).

I have worked on four different internships throughout my time in college that have helped shape and develop my skills and work experiences. I held political internships at the capital, a business internship in Madrid and an educational internship in Chile. I got to have so many incredible experiences that opened my eyes in so many ways.

I seek to be well rounded. I have multitudes of abilities that range between different types of athletics such as surfing, diving and gymnastics to artsy talents such as music, photography and painting. I am continuously trying to develop new hobbies and abilities. In my work I am constantly trying to find new ways to better my skills and find fun ways to get things done.

Presently I am involved in SPA Leadership and have a passion for Law and Business. I am currently working for a law firm in D.C that focuses on employment issues. I am eager to be involved in projects that focus on helping minorities groups and betterment of communities. I want those around me to have the ability to change, grow and sustain themselves and or their situation.

SPA Leadership is an incredible program that spans throughout the four years of undergrad. Throughout SPA leadership you learn to work in a team, lead your own project, understand different types of leadership, and have the opportunity to engage the community in projects. The SPA leadership program increased my knowledge on the various types of leadership as well as how I can implement them in my everyday life. This program really helped me to become a leader and a follower. SPA leadership has shown me what my strengths are as well as allowed me to develop my weaknesses. 

To me a leader is someone who can connect with individuals to invoke change. I have often looked at leadership as a role that was hard to define. Throughout my time at SPA leadership and American University, I have studied different elements of what it takes to be a good leader. I know now that leadership is broken down into many different forms. Transformational, transactional, and adaptive leaders are all methods that showcase different strategies, traits, strengths and weaknesses that are critical to the success of a leader. I know now that leaders invoke change in many different ways. 

I have experienced a whole new change in myself through the many experiences that I have had at SPA Leadership. The biggest one for me is understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I took a test, and my Gallup Report showed that I am a relator, achiever, futuristic, strategic, and a learner. I have not been able to define my own strengths accurately, but after taking the test, I realized different areas in my life in which I excel at in a leadership way. This meant a lot to me because I can use these strengths to invoke change in my own way. 

I had an incredible SPA Leadership team freshman year. We worked on an initiative to help sexually trafficked individuals find aid by scanning barcodes that took them to a site with information on how to get out of their situations. We met with incredible officials who supported our project and gave us insight on our initiative. Through this project, I got to use my strengths to better the sex traffic initiative that we worked on.  

We learned about many different methods of leadership throughout the four years at SPA leadership. What really stuck out to me was that there is continuous development in leadership. We are always finding out new things and components that invoke change in our evolving society. Leadership has many components and forms. I also learned that with these methods good and bad people could all qualify as a good leader if their efforts as an individual invoke change amongst many people. I understand that the tools and methods from SPA leadership are the first step and that it is now up to us to take the knowledge and be the best versions and leaders of ourselves. 

I continuously seek to develop myself to enhance and utilize my strengths while bettering my weaknesses. Work to be someone that people can rely on and has positive traits that collaborate and compliment others that I work with. Being a leader is about being able to make a change and a difference. I know at a place where I can lead those who are struggling with issues to find a means to change their situations. I feel like I am continuously working on ways to help those around me by being open-minded and adaptable.