About Me

I have spent a majority of my life dedicating myself to finding the best ways to involve myself with the community and other organizations. I truly believe that the best way to invoke change is to be directly involved. I am currently enrolled at American University and will graduate May 2021. My goals in life are to work with people toward bettering low and middle-income families and civilians by targeting economic and health issues. I have multitudes of abilities that range between dancing, surfing, and piano. I have a lot of experience working with people and children involving life goals and choices. So far I have been involved in Hawaii Leadership Academy, and have worked on passing a piece of legislation (hb2177) and the startup of a nonprofit (Kauai Edible Parks). Presently I am involved in SPA Leadership and have a passion for Law and Business. I am eager to get involved with more projects that focus on helping minorities groups and communities with economic problems.  I want those around me to have the ability to change, grow and sustain themselves and or their situation.