Talia Abrams

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, D.C, 20016 1(808)634-6420

American University, School of Public Affairs, Washington, DC, May 2021Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Kauai Community College, Hawaii, August 2014- December 2016Attended classes at local community college during High School

Georgtown University, DC, May-June 2015 Completed 6 credits focusing on Writing and Medicine

Award from U.S Congress (Woman of Character, Courage and Commitment)

Serving, Carmine’s and Quickstep Catering, Washington D.C — 2017- present• Serve between 7-14 tables a shift
• Attend various events around D.C and catered to a wide range of groups

Hostess, Kalypso Restaurant, Hawaii — September 2016- July 2017
• Managed between 3 and 4 sections of a total of 24 tables
• Educated customers about various food options and merchandise
• Handled in-person and over-the-phone to go orders

Professional Actress, South Pacific Dinner Theatre, Lihue, Hawaii — September 2005- May 2016 • Acted as a Nurse in singing and dancing role

• Attended various rehearsals and practices
Gymnastics Coach, Kauai Gymnastics Academy, Lihue, Hawaii — August 2012- May 2013

• Assisted students ages 7-12 with basic Gymnastic training
• Trained students on the balance beam, Floor, and bars

Volunteer, Hawaii Leadership Academy, Oahu — February 2012- present• Lead groups of 10-15 teenagers doing cooperative games

• Assisted to develop excellent study habits, build good relationships and improve overall life skills

Founder, Kaua’i Edible Parks, Hawaii -February 2013- March 2016
• Wrote and lobbied for bill HB2177 for Edible Landscaping
• created a nonprofit (Kaua’i Edible Parks) and partnered with other organizations to develop a layout of a park

Language: English (Fluent) Spanish (Intermediate), Hebrew(beginner), German(Beginner)Computer: Google drive, Microsoft word, Pages, Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Music: Taiko Drums(intermediate), Piano(intermediate), Guitar(beginner), Ukulele(beginner)

Talia Abrams Resume