About Me

Hello, my name is Victoria Lemon and I am an International Studies major in the Honors Program at American University with an intended minor in French Language and a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. I have been passionate about helping others for as long as I can remember, and I firmly believe that as an effective, compassionate, and organized leader I can synthesize my skills to help the people around me to recognize their potential. I base my goals not on leading for personal glory, but leading to help others lead themselves. Along these lines, I intend to use my education to focus on increasing equitable access to education for marginalized groups whether at home or abroad, as I believe education is a basic human right that advances society as a whole.

Although I am still young and understand the necessity of learning before leading, I do have some past experiences that showcase not only my abilities but also my passion for serving others. From not only leading, but also improving, a 400 person service club at my school to running a book drive to build a small library in Sierra Leone, I am a focused individual who puts great effort into all that I do. I was also a very competitive member of my high school speech team who was able to compete with kindness and maturity. Moreover, I served as Co-Editor in Chief of my small school newspaper, served in my church, and was first chair in my high school band the second portion of my senior year, showcasing my ability to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. Furthermore, my involvement in the aforementioned activities displays my talent and proficiency in pubic speaking, writing, communication, organization, time-management, and leadership. For more information on my accomplishments and experiences, please visit my resume.

    Beyond school, I am genuinely someone who cares about those around me and I find the greatest joy in serving others. The moment a smile cracks the corners of someone else’s lips is the pinnacle of joy. I love helping people around me, whether my family and friends or those from my school, my church, my community, or even across the world. I have a sincere desire to facilitate positive change in this world, to bring more smiles, and to be a responsible and empathetic global citizen.
    As I continue on in life, I plan to integrate my broad, generalized goal with my abilities and passion by pursuing educational and experience oriented opportunities such as internships and study abroad. By gaining a greater understanding of the world around me and an understanding of my place within the world, I will be able to focus my goals into a concrete plan of action.
    Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio, if you would like to get in contact with me please visit my contact me page. I am looking forward to speaking with you and have a wonderful day.