About Me

Hello, my name is Wayne A. Rodriquez. I am a student at American University, double-majoring in Political Science and in Public Relations and Strategic Communications. I am also a member of the School of Public Affairs (SPA) Leadership Program. With an interest in pursuing a career in public service, the main areas I hope to support include bringing economic development and restructuring the broken public education systems within cities.

Born and raised in a working middle-class family in Bridgeport, CT, I have strived to help those individuals in need of assistance. After growing up in a place that has been described as “The Epicenter for American Inequality”, it has been my intention to restore my community to its old glory and providing the changes that improve the lives of those who weren’t able to sustain a viable lifestyle.

Coming from a police family, I first became interested in helping and protecting my community through joining the Bridgeport Police Explorer program in 2013. As a police explorer, I associated myself with the community through assisting local food banks during Thanksgiving time, march in parades, or attending events hosted by local community leaders. Within four months of serving, I was promoted to a supervisor’s position, one that I would hold for more than three years. If it wasn’t for the police explorer program, I wouldn’t be the leader I am today.

Ambitious to tackle new challenges, I explored new opportunities and ended up discovering my passion for politics. During the 2016 Election Season, I went from being an intern and photographer for Congressman Jim Himes’s campaign to the Campaign Manager for a state representative candidate in Connecticut, all within six months. Through these experiences, I have acquired exceptional knowledge relating to leadership, campaign management, understanding the constituency base of a community, and, most importantly, working as a team.

To view more of the work I have done in the past, please visit my resume page:

Wayne Rodriquez’s Resume