1/19/20 Blog 1 about Environmentalism and Career Connections


Environmentalism is now being pursued together by people in many countries and regions. A few centuries ago, the development of industrialization in developed countries brought about drastic changes in people’s lives. Still, at the same time, that was also the beginning of the devastation for the global environment. One reason I am very interested in environmentalism is that my country, China, also facing the predicament of developed countries in the 19th and 20th centuries between balanced development and environmental protection.

There is another reason because of the ecological protection craze and discussion that “green girl” Greta Thunberg set off last year. I admire her perseverance and her efforts in propaganda, which allows people to think deeply once again and reflect on what we have done on the environment. However, I can also feel from her actions and claims that she is not mature enough. She needs more experts and mentors to give her scientific expertise and lead her to a more appropriate environmentalist path. Greta’s popularity has kept me focused on this girl’s environmental struggle with “adults” and has inspired me a lot.

To be frank, the career I am considering may not have a direct connection with and environmentalism. If I have to say something, maybe I can summarize and analyze data for some environmental protection surveys after I have acquired professional knowledge in the future. I can apply “logos” to environmentalism. Not only when writing an article, we need to list the evidence logically, such as some data. But also to support environmentalism, a credible database can enable us to refer to and solve problems in a targeted manner. Additionally, Optimization is an essential theory in mathematics. If all costs and pollution are optimized, it will definitely promote the environment. Mathematical modeling is very beneficial for pollution control in the environmental field.

In short, as a contemporary, no matter how my future career develops, I am supposed to embrace environmentalism in my life.

Blog Post 1

In the current world, the matter of climate change and preservation of nature are important goals to strive for and to be conscious of. I am personally very interested in the subject and is the reason that I chose to take this class. Throughout, my life, I have participated in many activities and roles which promote these ideas. I am an Eagle Scout, meaning that I have been on countless service projects having to do with nature, as well as many camping trips that allowed me to connect with nature on a more personal level. I have seen first-hand, the impact of human involvement on nature and seen how people are trying to restore it. Aside from this, I also see the more legislative side of business. I was part of a small group promoting to white representatives important environmentally safe practices for religious institutions on the east coast

Currently, I am studying business which is very intertwined with the environment. Big business is many times are the ones many point fingers to in regard to harming the environment. However, throughout many of Kogod courses I have learned how this is changing. In the courses I have taken so far, we learn how big businesses are starting to feel more corporate responsibility to the environment. Protecting earth from pollution and global warming are becoming more important to people, and businesses are starting to feel the obligation for the part they play in the world. As a result, many businesses are adding sectors in their company with the sole purpose of managing these environmental concerns to try and abide by the government standards

Aside from just big business, many non-profits have opened up with the goal of helping the environment. Through my research I have found that the EDF, Environmental Defense Fund, is one such nonprofit having over two million members. These non-profits seek to find lasting solutions to environmental problems we have today, and employ many businesspeople to work them. https://www.edf.org/sites/default/files/documents/business_and_the_fourth_wave.pdf