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My last essay will revolve around the conspiracy theories of the virus in China and the United States. I will select some examples to support my point of view. For example, China has done a good job in epidemic prevention and does not need to bear unreasonable accusations and compensation claims from the United States. Some examples will reflect that the United States is the country that really releases the virus, but I will also choose other evidence to demonstrate that the United States will not intentionally do it. The most serious mistake of the United States is that it does not control the spread of the virus in time, and it will unintentionally become a group Immunization practitioners. Group immunization was proposed by the United Kingdom, but the United Kingdom is also actively fighting with coronavirus. Various leaders in the United States always publish some overly optimistic false news, which ultimately causes the country to lose the most effective rescue time.

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This article is the main source of inspiration for essay3. Recently, I have been paying close attention to various news about COVID-19, among which there are also constant disputes between China and the United States over the origin of the virus. In fact, there are many similar articles, and I am actually very tired of reading articles in this topic. Countries blame each other for their own interests, and they have triggered various conspiracy theories. I don’t think China will deliberately release the virus  because China has also suffered from social order and economic development, and thousands of Chinese have lost their lives. I also don’t think that the United States will deliberately release the virus, because from the current situation, the United States has become the world’s most serious country with the spread of COVID-19. Governments or laboratories cannot damage the lives of citizens for whatever reason. However, the United States keeps accusing China and fail to contribute to the mitigation of the epidemic, and even caused the coronavirus in the US to run out of control. This makes me very angry, I am curious why politics is higher than life? If it is to shirk responsibility for re-election, it is really shameless.

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Although the climate problem may cause greater damage to humans than the current COVID-19 crisis, COVID-19 is most directly causing human illness and death. This is currently unbearable for humans. Compared with infectious diseases, the negative impact of climate problems has a lag, although many people already have environmental awareness and call on people around to take action to mitigate climate change. However, there are still some people who will never act until climate issues directly affect their quality of life and income. Just like the Australian fire and the melting of glaciers mentioned in the article. Will this immediately have a direct impact on residents who are not living in the poles or are not Australia? The truth is not. The lag of climate change makes people feel no urgency to bear the consequences. Therefore, it cannot be valued and taken by humans all over the world like an infectious disease.

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  • The debate or controversy that I am writing about is the negative effects climate change can have on society and how the threat has increased due to the countries’ inabilities to sustain it along side the new global pandemic Covid-19. It is also important to understand that in order to truly make a change it is extremely important for countries to work together.
  • The Debate in this Topic is on Global leaders committing to the fight against climate change and global warming. All countries will be affected by this catastrophe not only physically but also economically. However, the countries that will be affected the most are those who are already currently struggling. This is the same position developing countries face with the Coronavirus as many do not know how they will be able to sustain their economy.

DOI: 10.37473/dac/10.1101/2020.03.15.20036418

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  • In this debate, I believe that is crucial for countries to understand the threat we find ourselves in and how the leaders of the world must step up in an effort to mitigate both of these catastrophes. If this is far from being possible, we should learn to adapt and live in a world with both climate change and the coronavirus whilst making an effort to avoid both from being more fatal than they already have been.
  • My position is important because it helps us understand/know that both of climate change and the Coronavirus are not forces to be reckoned with. Additionally, we must plan to address climate change with the same intensity we are undertaking the coronavirus.

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This is the article I originally found for my Op-ed which inspired me to talk about climate change in Latin America. The Paris Agreement is crucial for the countries of the world to make an effort of fighting climate change, however, it is even more crucial for developing countries. The Article talk’s about Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement and the negative effect that will have on Latin American countries. Moreover, “Latin American and Caribbean countries are highly vulnerable. A significant rise in global temperatures could lead to reduced arable land, the loss of low-lying islands and coastal regions, and more extreme weather events in many of these countries.” These countries cannot afford to neglect climate change nor its catastrophic effects. I can tell this is an Op-ed because it uses a lot of pathos to stress the importance of how treacherous this decision could be. They are going against the decision their own president made, furthermore, contradicting what he believes to be right. The use of logos also alarms the reader about the dangers they face. It is different from all the other documents I have seen as it is very opinion based and biased.

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Why is it that no one has reacted towards climate change like they have towards the coronavirus? Climate change has brought tremendous amounts of casualties and yet people have not been working towards eradicating it as they have this new pandemic. I feel like, and the First op-ed stresses this, that the people have not realized the tremendous danger we are in and the importance of climate change. I think that when people started to realize the impact climate change was having on the world, was when the wildfires started breaking out in Australia and the Amazon. Donations and action plans were made, however, no future plan to prevent it. Most consider this a natural disaster believing it is inevitable when it isn’t. There is so much we can do to help prevent it. Accordingly, “We are certainly under-reacting to climate change,” said Ed Maibach, a professor at George Mason University who studies climate change and public health, in an email. “Because it is a potentially catastrophic health threat that is likely to greatly harm human health and wellbeing for many generations to come,” and if we don’t do it for us, we should be doing it for them.

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I certainly agree that people do not take the issues as seriously and as urgency because people do not take it as a current threat. Same to climate change and COVID-19, it is hard for the people to understand the risk and the danger of these situations. Whether how much the medias and other experts have warned the danger of these situations, people do not truly understand it until they actually experience it. Take COVID-19 as an example, before the COVID-19 was found in the US, there were still news about the virus spreading worldwide. However, people in the US did not respond to the virus until it breaks into the United States and severely devastated some areas. From this,  I think that this is one of our human nature and it will not change.

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My essay 3 would be about the economic cost of climate change. In the essay, I will discuss the general view on the impact of climate change and why people should not underestimate the cost of climate change.

Unlocking The Inclusive Growth Story of The 21st Century: Accelerating Climate Action in Urgent Times. Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, This report discusses the positive point of view on the economic impact of climate change, which will be the rebuttal of my essay.

Another resource is by Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria. “The New Green Deal.” It describes the economic negative consequences of not dealing with climate change. It states that human activity is the dominant cause of climate change and A changing climate is causing extreme weather events that threaten human life, healthy communities, and critical infrastructure. This will be my main position in the essay that the economic impact of climate change is more serious than we normally think and we should not underestimate it.

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The op-ed post I found is Climate Change Will Cost Us Even More Than We Think by Naomi Oreskes and Nicholas Stern. This article discusses that economists have greatly underestimated the price tag on climate change. This is a typical example of an op-ed article because the authors stated three main opinions behind why the experts have underestimated it. The first reason is that climate change is an unprecedented situation, whereas estimation is based on the experience. The second opinion is that the parameters of the climate change model are not able to adequately quantified, therefore scientists omitted the data from the model. The last reason argued by the authors is the cascading effects, which means a chain of negative impacts that are triggered by the primary impact.

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  1. The debate or controversy that I am writing about is how we need do to save this river, by government or individuals?
  2. The Debate in this Topic is on government and watershed organization are helping to save the river, but those policies are not enough, also the government need to afford the tremendous money that will bring them an economics stress overload, we might deal this situation in a natural or being volunteer to help.

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Ryan, Kate. “DC Grant Aims to Bulk up Mussel Count in Anacostia River.” WTOP, 9 Aug. 2019,

  1. In this debate, I think/believe/argue this situation need a smarter way or a group power, the government is dealing this in a slow way
  2. My position is important because it helps us understand/know that due to Christopher’s article, that their way to building a channel to store sewage is way too expensive, and it’s a financial changeling, at this point, volunteering is another power to help effectively.