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This is the article I originally found for my Op-ed which inspired me to talk about climate change in Latin America. The Paris Agreement is crucial for the countries of the world to make an effort of fighting climate change, however, it is even more crucial for developing countries. The Article talk’s about Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement and the negative effect that will have on Latin American countries. Moreover, “Latin American and Caribbean countries are highly vulnerable. A significant rise in global temperatures could lead to reduced arable land, the loss of low-lying islands and coastal regions, and more extreme weather events in many of these countries.” These countries cannot afford to neglect climate change nor its catastrophic effects. I can tell this is an Op-ed because it uses a lot of pathos to stress the importance of how treacherous this decision could be. They are going against the decision their own president made, furthermore, contradicting what he believes to be right. The use of logos also alarms the reader about the dangers they face. It is different from all the other documents I have seen as it is very opinion based and biased.

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