Environmentalism in Pop Culture

With more and more people being aware of climate change, the more prevalent issue is in pop culture. I see memes all over Instagram about climate change and now it’s appearing in music and television. Although it came out over 10 years ago, Wall-E is always the first movie that comes to my mind when talking about climate change. The message of this movie is much more significant today, yet a lot of people see Wall-E as just a cute Pixar movie. I remember watching it as a kid and not thinking anything about the environmental issues that were displayed in the movie, but I watched it again a couple of years ago in one of my classes that were focused on the environment and it was almost a different movie. When I watched it from a different perspective, I realized that our planet is dying because of human activity but nothing is being done to stop it, just like in the movie.

Another example of environmentalism in pop culture is a song by Lil Dicky called Earth, which brought together many of the biggest artists in pop to sing about how important our planet is and that we need to be keeping care of it because it’s our home. In my personal opinion, it’s not a very good song, but I like the message it’s sending. A majority of the people who listen to the artists featured in the song, like Justin Beiber or Ariana Grande, are young and might not have a lot of knowledge on climate change, so I thought it was a unique way to reach a younger audience and to educate them on these problems. I believe that incorporating the issues or solutions to climate change in pop culture can make a big difference because everyone should have some knowledge on the issue and younger generations don’t read the news as much as older generations do. I think, in today’s society, it’s hard to escape technology and social media, but it can still be used for good.

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  1. the author was talking about combine the social media and climate change problem, I think is it the ture way for today’s society, more and more social media are developed, we should follow the changing tide, the first step of fighting climate change is to make more people realize that, the best way of it is integrate climate change issues into social media.

  2. I remember watching wall-e when I was a child and thinking that the scenes in the movie were too far away from our lives. But through the news, I learned how much garbage people make every day and how long it takes for the garbage that can’t be recycled to be broken down. It is true that young people do not often watch the news nowadays. I quite agree with your point of view that these consciousness and appeal to attract the attention of young people through novel methods.

  3. I listened to this song before and it uses a recreation way to appeal people of all over the world to protect the environment and the earth. I agree with the author that even though the singers are the young, they have the ability to resonate younger people to be acted together.

  4. The combination with popular culture makes climate change and environmentalism attract people’s attention in another way effectively. It’s a very unique and impressive way to express ideas in songs. At the same time, to a certain extent, movies can show the danger that we don’t pay attention to the environment.

  5. I agree with the major premise of this blog. Pop culture and social media have become more and more environmentally focused. However, I forgot completely about the movie Wall-E when considering this. When I was younger, I too watched this movie and had no idea about its profound environmental ideas. I agree with the author, that when looking back at it, it really did have a lot of environmental meaning and is good way for kids to learn about environmental issues.

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