American University Campus

Zainab Mirza

Zainab is a sophomore at the School of International Service (SIS) at American University studying International Relations with concentrations in Environmental Sustainability and International Development.¬†She is a co-leader for the American Universtiy Alternative Break Program “Listening to the Haitian Voice: Reconsidering International Aid.” Zainab is also in Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity and serves on the Leadership Committee that works with their national philanthropy the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership(HOBY) Seminar. Zainab attended HOBY herself as a sophomore in high school and has volunteered the past five years at the Maryland site. Zainab is currently a fellow for RE-volv Solar Energy and hopes to bring solar panels to a local non-profit in the coming year.

This sight reflects her work in the Olson Scholars Research Program at SIS. As an Olson Scholar, Zainab worked under the guidance of many professors at American University, including her mentor, Professor Simon Nicholson. Through this website, one can follow Zainab’s journey of understanding international research and maturing her topic. Zainab has conducted a Small-N Case Study analysis on the REDD+ Program.