Writing 101 Entry #1

In this course, I hope to improve my technical writing skills while also finding ways to include my personal writing style and voice into professional and academic writing. For the latter, I feel that in academic settings I often will exclusively write in the style deemed appropriate for what I’m writing. For academic research papers, I adhere strictly to the style and tone typically associated with that type of writing, while with creative writing assignments, I adhere strictly to that style. I’ve tried to explore fusing the two and finding ways to incorporate aspects from opposite styles to strengthen whatever I’m writing, but I haven’t found the way to do that well just yet. I think blogging will definitely help that because blogging allows writers to use personal style and mix different types of tone and style based on what the writer is working on. I also hope to love writing the way I used to. For a long time, I would free write all the time just for myself and kept a log of everything I had written. Now, I often feel that I don’t have time to write or would rather do something less demanding when I have free time. This is also why I think blogging will be beneficial as blogging is not as tiresome as much academic writing is. I think that’s because it allows more individualism and is less about the strict rules of writing that academia often pushes in college courses.

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