Hi! I’m Alayna Chichester.  I currently live in Exeter, New Hampshire with my father, little sister, and our black lab Lulu.  Like most others I have lots of passions in life; photography, music, making blankets.  What I’m most passionate about, however, is social equity. Yes, you read that right; equity NOT equality.  Where equality is treating everyone as equals, equity recognizes where groups have been treated as less than in the past and works to boost disenfranchised groups, for example homeless populations.  In pursuit of my goal of aiding in the growth of social equity I served for two years on the New Hampshire Youth Legislative Advisory Council, a group that advises the New Hampshire House of Representatives on youth issues.  I am also enrolled at American University with an intended double major in political science and economics so that I may gain the knowledge that will help in the fight for social equity. I live my life with the belief that if you have the ability to, you should always try to help others.