About Me

Alexandra Kaiss is a freshman at American University. A proud Baltimore native, Alex has grown to understand the importance of grassroots involvement, communication, and collaboration in efforts to create a better community. Through her travels to six continents, Alexandra has attempted to apply these lessons on the international scale in order to create lasting peace.

Though a freshman majoring in the School of International Service at American University, Alex will be graduating a year early in the three-year BA Global Scholars program. Alongside these accelerated studies in international affairs, Alexandra is a member of the School of Public Affairs’ Leadership Program, which provides the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills in the form of a collaborative research project. Because of this program, Alex will also be graduating with a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. 

Alexandra also has a strong history in the arts, focusing on intensive studies of creative writing. Alexandra was chosen to be a student in the selective Literary Arts program at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology, where she graduated as a published author. Her senior year of high school was spent writing, editing, publicizing, and publishing Wayfaring, a memoir that is now available on Amazon.

Currently, Alex is continuing her writing through being an assistant copy editor on both AmLit and The Eagle. Alexandra is also participating in AmeriMUNC, American University’s annual Model United Nations conference, as a co-chair. In order to continue her service to the DMV community, she is also a tutor for DC Reads, where she provides tutoring for children in the community. Off campus, Alexandra is an intern for a start-up NGO that promotes human rights in the Middle East and North Africa.

Alex can be found traveling, wandering, writing, or watching good movies.