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All clouds are clocks, even the most cloudy of clouds. Karl Popper

About Us

Clocks and Clouds is an American University undergraduate research journal that publishes articles on the cutting edge of political science, international relations, and public policy.

Through the journal, our authors contribute to the intellectual dialogue both within the American University community and in broader academia. Philosopher Karl Popper’s “clocks and clouds” metaphor describes the two ends of the spectrum of predictability in social science. Clouds represent the disorderly and irregular, and clocks represent the predictable and rational.

By providing a venue for top undergraduate research, Clocks and Clouds aims to find the clocks amidst the clouds.

  • Biannual publishing

    We publish one issue per semester, once in December and once in May, always bringing our readers the latest in cutting-edge undergraduate social science research on national and global affairs.

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    Each year, we award the Karl Popper Prize for National and Global Affairs to the best paper published in Clocks and Clouds.