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“This Sure Sounds Familiar…” Populism and the Cyclical Decline of Political Parties

Political Party expiration dates and the power of Donald Trump’s American Populism By Laura ThompsonIt is the summer preceding the presidential election, and the United States is a nation of mass discontent. Many citizens feel that they are being deceived and swindled by the elite of society and the businesses meant to hold the economy […]

Taking Socialism Home to Meet Your Parents

An increasing number of young people support democratic socialism, but what does that mean? By Andrew FalloneSo you come home from your first year at college. You wave goodbye to the rear fender of your friend’s beat up 1998 Toyota sedan as it drives away into the distance. You see your parents standing in your […]

Will Doves or Hawks Fly? An Analysis of Democratic Policies in the Levant

A look at whose Sanders’ and Clinton’s foreign policies in the region By Caroline RoseIn 2011, the streets of Cairo were teeming with political, financial, and religious fervor—with Egyptian President Mubarak at the root of discontent. Young protesters led by the Muslim Brotherhood and pro-democratic groups such as the “Tamarod” movement, took to Tahrir Square […]

Hope and Change in the Time of Police Violence: From Obama’s Inauguration to Trayvon Martin’s Murder

U.S. strikes have violated international humanitarian and human rights law and are setting a dangerous precedent for future American foreign policy By Sophia Vos“Euphoric. It was unbelievable to really see that we could do anything we put our minds to. I never had a plan to go to an inauguration before that day.” Dr. Omekongo […]

To Salute or to Burn: The Battle over Flag Desecration Did Not End with Texas v. Johnson

This legal question precipitates spirited debate in the 2016 election cycle, so how should we think about flag desecration? By Jeremy Clement“You are a fucking scumbag traitor piece of fucking trash.” In Missouri Donald Trump supporters shout at flag stomping Anti-Trump protesters. Violence erupts as more than 200 people take part in a standoff at […]

More of the Same: Bernie’s Foreign Policy, Just War Theory, and International Humanitarian Law

Is Bernie really the dove that some claim? By William KakenmasterThe 2016 presidential race has, without a doubt, become one of the most significant electoral phenomena in recent American history. Moreover, the Islamic State (IS) poses a historic problem for candidates, and although foreign policy has not taken center stage, a quiet but vociferous debate […]

Can Donald Trump the WTO?

An analysis of the international legal implications that undergird Donald Trump’s trade policy  By Paul JeffriesYes—it’s another piece covering Donald Trump’s policies—but don’t leave quite yet; I promise to not fall into the enticing leitmotifs typical of the current status quo for journalistic coverage of Trump. Allow me to explain. Be it on the left […]

The Pragmatic, the Exciting, and the Uncertain: Hillary Clinton’s Infrastructure Proposal

U.S. infrastructure is crumbing and under-funded, but how effective will Clinton’s plan be? By Samuel WoodsIn late November 2015, the Clinton campaign announced plans to pursue an increase in federal infrastructure spending by $275 billion over 5 years, a plan the campaign calls “a major down payment on a stronger America.” Though the plan has […]

Why U.S. Foreign Policy Isn’t Ready for Hillary

Copyright © 2015, Law Street Media, ed. Anneliese Mahoney; This material is used by permission of Law Street Media, LLC. The dark and little-known past of the Clinton Foundation might make you question the foreign aid industry. By Emily DalgoHillary Clinton is now the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2016 presidential election. While Clinton is, without […]

Who Does Foreign Aid… Aid?

Foreign aid matters, and it surely bears heavily upon this upcoming election cycle, but its beneficiaries are often less clear than one would think By Deborah CareyIn the midst of terrorist attacks and domestic economic debates, foreign aid and its implementation has not been a prioritized talking point in America’s election this upcoming November. However […]