Rodent PFC? a hot-take

Our latest review, What, if anything, is rodent prefrontal cortex? is now published in eNeuro!

Studies on prefrontal parts of the rodent cerebral cortex have appeared at an increasing rate in recent years. However, there has been no consensus on the terms used to describe the rodent prefrontal cortex (PFC) or how it relates to the PFC of monkeys and humans. To address these issues, we conducted a meta-analysis of publications on the PFC across species, a review of rodent brain atlases, a survey of PFC researchers on anatomic terms, and an analysis of how species differences in the corpus callosum might help relate PFC areas across species. Addressing these issues may help improve the clarity, rigor, and reproducibility of research on the rodent PFC.

Visual Abstract, Laubach et al., 2018

M Laubach, LM Amarante, K Swanson, SR White, (2018). What, if anything, is rodent prefrontal cortex? Eneuro 5 (5)

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