The future is open!

We just published a new commentary on the future of open-source tools for behavioral neuroscience, inspired by our work with!

There has been a recent and substantial increase in the use of open-source tools for conducting research studies in neuroscience. The OpenBehavior Project was created to disseminate open-source projects specific to the study of behavior. In this commentary, we emphasize the benefits of adopting an open-source mindset and highlight current methods and projects that give promise for open-source tools to drive advancement of behavioral measurement and ultimately understanding the neural basis of behavior.

Figure 1, White et al., 2019

SR White, LM Amarante, AV Kravitz, M Laubach, (2019). The Future is Open: Open-Source Tools for Behavioral Neuroscience Research. eNeuro, ENEURO. 0223-19.2019

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