“I believe that effective change can only be accomplished through hard work, compassion, and a the ability to see everyone’s true potential.”

The greatest invention of mankind is democracy. Not only does it give the people a voice in their government, but it instills a value onto each person that validates each of these voices. As a student at  American University, I am pursuing a major in Political Science, a minor in Justice, and a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. I plan on using this education to ensure that the United States is a home for all of its citizens where they can thrive to have their voices heard in pursuance of the American Dream.

Outside of the classroom, I have been able to refine my skills in political fundraising through my internship at The Kauffman Group and my work on the Bennet for America presidential campaign. At The Kauffman Group, I am working to track financial data, facilitate fundraising phone calls, and prepare briefings for U.S. Senators. Working with the Bennet for America presidential campaign, I helped to execute donor events and provide vital information to Senator Michael Bennet.

As the co-director of finance for the School of Public Affairs (SPA) Leadership Program, I will spend the 2020-2021 academic year fundraising for and managing the budget for the program while working to ensure that the necessary financial support is available for service projects through the program. Additionally, I have conducted research with six other peers in this program on substance abuse as it relates to economic inequalities facing American society. As a group, we then utilized this research to execute a series of fundraisers in order to raise over $500 for low-income individuals to receive drug rehabilitation services.

Through my academic and extracurricular work, I am supporting changemakers both in public and private sectors who have the capacity to not only positively impact their community but lay the groundwork for the next generation of politicians, activists, and leaders of all kinds.