Fall 2020

Over the past semester, I have been able to develop a robust – and nuanced – understanding of elections. The Kauffman Group is focused primarily on out of state fundraising for  Democratic Senators and senate candidates, with one of our clients being a Democratic challenger for a Republican incumbent. Watching the events of the election within the lenses of both the national media and within the confines of our office environment, I have been able to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the “background” workers to help to ensure that the campaign operates in a smooth, professional, and positive manner. 

In specific regards to fundraising, I found the role of being the “middle man” between donors and the campaign important in relaying the needs and expectations of both groups to each other. As such, I have been able to develop a greater understanding of the importance of proper and diversified communication methods, depending on whom you are reaching out to. 

Additionally, I have been able to expand my skill set within the areas of finance and fundraising by working to vet different donations that our firm receives. Whether it be from individual donors, outside organizations, or grass-roots ActBlue links, I have been able to develop a greater appreciation for and understanding of these fundraising mechanisms while also being able to observe their direct impact on a campaign. 

Even though I am merely the intern at The Kauffman Group,  I have found great appreciation in supporting the different staff members and observing their different tasks. Even though we all work under the same umbrella of  “fundraising”, some people work with issues relating to compliance, while others focus more on hosting events directly. Hence, even though I working within a niche area in and of itself, I have been fortunate enough to develop a greater understanding of political operations as a whole.