The following work samples provide a brief overview of the academic work that I have produced thus far in my college career. These academic papers demonstrate my ability to synthesize diverse sources to defend complex theses. Additionally, the presentation slides accompanying the latter paper reflect my ability to utilize leadership soft skills to convey research and complex information to an audience.

Mock Writing Portfolio for 2020 NC Senate Candiate Cal Cunningham – Fall 2020

Mock Memo For Senator Bob Casey re: Federal Funding to Achieve Universal Preschool – Spring 2020

Perception Versus Reality: The Conflict Between Individual Freedom and Authority – Spring 2020

Mitt Romney, the RNC, and How Barack Obama Became a Two-Term President – Spring Fall 2019

All ‘Right’? Alt-Right? All White?: An Analysis of the Political Violence Performed by the Proud Boys – Spring 2019

Presentation Slides – Spring 2019