Learn About Francesca’s Story

*A New York native, Francesca is a senior at American University studying International Studies at the School of International Service and Advanced Leadership Studies at the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program.

From an early age, she believed in the power of positive change. Whether it was through small acts of kindness or getting involved in like-minded communities to make change happen, she knew where she was going. Having the compassion to help others, she wants to become an aspiring role model to others to bring meaningful change in the world. Committing oneself to a mission of service might seem daunting to some Рbut to others, like Francesca, it was a calling.

Throughout her journey as an undergraduate, Francesca acquired a new outlook on the world around her. In accruing leadership positions on campus, earning honors and awards, and interning in DC, Francesca has learned that the impact of one’s service makes a great impact to those who truly need or appreciate it.

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*Website updated as of November 2023.