About Me

Hello, all! My name is Grace Zopelis and I am a Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG) major at American University. Since I grew up an army brat, I was collectively raised in Germany, Michigan, Vermont, Texas, and Connecticut. I now consider Washington, DC, to be my home, where I live with my pet cat.

My passions are public policy, education, and social justice; and my skill set matches said passions. In the past, I have represented my class, district, and state through various positions of leadership; and I have let my love for these programs shine through my work ethic. As a queer woman, I have a fierce desire to advocate for equality in places of business and in this country as a whole. 

My hobbies include writing poetry, playing the piano, and occasionally dabbling in astrology. I also happen to be a lover of coffee and dogs.