Team Project

This year, I was a member of the Education and Empowerment group. In summary, our team project was researching the impact of COVID-19 on the education system and assisting a local organization in acquiring donations. We found that extracurriculars like sports were negatively impacted by the closing of schools and that these extracurriculars are safe spaces that are particularly impactful to underprivileged communities. So, we created an Amazon wishlist and a GoFundMe page that directly donated to SOUL, an organization local to DC that empowers student athletes.

Leadership Growth Reflection

I believe that this year made me step up to the challenge of being a productive member in a group project, which really helped me grow as a leader. Working in a group of ambitious, bright students encouraged me to rise to the occasion like never before, as my teammates motivated me to put my best foot forward. Working with a team, taking initiative, and allowing myself to be inspired and creative contributed to my growth as a leader.

Team Dynamic Reflection

The Education and Empowerment group was by far the best group project I have ever been a part of, and the primary reason for that was the team dynamic. Everyone in my group was communicative, motivated, and worked together as one cohesive unit. The team was very fast paced, and when we got too idealistic, there was always one member who kept us grounded and on track. In addition to the high work drive, there was also a friendly dynamic that made the work fun and the meetings were a refreshing part of my week. Our TA is a compassionate, intelligent, and overall fun person to be around, and she was an excellent resource for us as we worked through our project. Overall, I could not have asked for a better TA or a better group.