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Grace M. Zopelis



To whom it may concern:

I would like to give a brief and formal introduction as to who I am as a professional and why I am a valuable asset to any team, particularly in the field of public policy. My major; communication, legal institutions, economics, and government (CLEG); is an interdisciplinary program in which I am forging a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of subjects pertaining to government work. In addition to this program, I am also acquiring an undergraduate certificate in advanced leadership studies from the School of Public Affairs. This organization augments and refines my preexisting talent for taking initiative and leading the projects I involve myself in.

My experience in positions of leadership ranges from being the secretary of my graduating class to representing my school district and eventually my state. These opportunities introduced me to writing and passing legislation as well as advocating for my agenda. Although many would agree that my approach to demanding justice and change is bold, they would also agree that it is incredibly effective. I am not afraid to speak my mind, even when; or especially when; I represent the opinion of the minority. I have been frequently described as an ambitious and dedicated pupil; learning new things is my favorite pastime, and I accept challenges with open arms.

In essence, I am a diligent worker with a well rounded skill set. Most of my experience is rooted in education policy at the moment, but I am open and eager to diversify my portfolio in any branch of federal work. The environment in which I excel is a hands-on one, so I would be ready to just dive in with the work. My current plan is to attend law school upon my graduation from AU, and I am particularly interested in social justice and advocacy work. I thank you for your consideration and encourage you to contact me for any further questions.

Sincerely yours,

Grace M. Zopelis