Logic Model

The logic model below describes activities, outputs, and outcomes of the beginning stages of the Healthy Happy Moms Program. In the beginning, these inputs and outcomes will specifically be applied in Philadelphia, Pennslycania. From the the program will expand to other major cities with the goal of becoming nationwide.

Program planners develop nutrition and physical activity education lessons. 
Implement program at local schools and community centers. 
75 mothers from the community take part in the program. 
These mothers will gain knowledge. 
The knowledge of the program will empower women to feel in control of health. 
Mothers will take control of nutrition and increase physical activity. 
Reach out to individuals in area who are interested in volunteering (students, educators)
20 volunteers are trained in the program. 
Volunteers assist in educating and empowering mothers. 
Experience and feedback of/from volunteers will help to improve the program and retention. 
As program grow, the number of volunteers will increase as will quality of the program. 
Program team reaches out to local schools, community centers, and doctors offices.
Establish partnerships with these community spaces. 
3 locations for outreach to community and program lessons secured. 
Mothers will hear about the program from trusted members of the community. 
Mothers will attend programs and learn about the importance of and how to implement nutrition and physical exercise. 
Mothers will become healthier through the program and continue to spread information about it throughout the community.