Process Evaluation Plan

Below is the Process Evaluation Plan for Happy Healthy Moms. You will find asterisks next to questions that are most most important to ask. The information gathered from these questions insures that the program continues to grow and remains aware of the demographics that we need to reach in each specific area. If we have failed to gather individuals who represent the community as a whole, we will need to reevaluate what our outreach looks like. Along the same line, we also want to make sure the program is available to as many mothers as possible. In addition, knowing how much involvement in the course will be key in making sure materials and activities stay up to date and relevant.

Target of Question

Process- Evaluation Question

Method of Assessment for Question

Resources Required


*To what extent was information about the program posted around the community? 

What were the tools used to recruit attendees?

Upon arrival , attendees fill out surveys of how they heard about the program.

Written record of recruitment tasks complete and materials for surveys. 


*How many members of the community were aware of the program and did the audience in attendance reflect the demographics of the community?

Assessment of the number of attendees versus how many mothers in the community. 

Knowledge of the demographics of the community. 


Was all of the information in the program manual and training materials delivered to the attendees?

End of program survey to assess knowledge of attendees.

A checklist of what attendees should be aware of by the end of the program. 


*To what extent were women in this community unable to complete, understand, or attend this program due to educational/financial/or schedule barriers?

Exit surveys for those who can no longer participate or who showed interest but could not participate for one of these reasons. 

Materials for surveys. 

Dose Delivered

Were all six workshops delivered in full to attendees?

End of program survey to assess knowledge of attendees.

Material for surveys and an understanding of programs requirements (program manual). 

Dose Received 

How many individuals attended all six of the workshops?

*To what extent did program attendees complete individual coursework and exercises?

Attendance sheets and details kept by program leaders. 

End of program surveys.

Materials for keeping track of attendance and participation. Surveys that include questions about levels of comfort when participating and how much each attendee felt they got out of the lesson.