Originally posted January 12, 2012 How should we be training our undergraduates? As many of you are aware, the Sheri Sangji tragedy has touched off another round of navel-gazing since the filing of criminal charges against her former advisor, Patrick Harran, of UCLA. For those of you who aren’t up […]

Sciencegeist: Lab Safety Post-Sheri Sangji

Originally posted October 7, 2011 Helping Science Classrooms and Supporting Educators Throughout the U.S. Donor’s Choose is a truly remarkable website that IS making a difference in the education of K-12 students all over the US. The site’s basic premise is that they provide a framework for teachers to request […]

Sciencegeist: Donors choose

September 25, 2011 My favorite reaction I suppose my favorite reaction isn’t necessarily the same as most other chemists. In the lab, the best reactions are ones that are well behaved and predictable. These reactions give high yields and can often bring about transformations from simple molecules to molecules of […]

Sciencegeist: The Maillard Reaction

Originally posted September 18, 2011 The advice you won’t be getting at that panel discussion … and the article you should have read three (or more) years ago September 18, 2011 It’s time for the yearly the academic job frenzy once again. The ads are out and the props are […]

Sciencegeist: Getting an Academic Job

August 23, 2011 In the current issue of Nature Chemistry there is an entire section of “Insight” articles touching on aspects of our life/work as chemists away from the bench. There are some really great reads in there, and, for the moment, these articles are open access. I highly recommend […]

Sciencegeist: Nature Chemistry Commentary