Originally posted September 23, 2013 What makes a scientific publication good? As scientists, are we capable of discerning good papers from bad papers? These questions were the focus of a recent conversation I had on twitter with Stuart Cantrill, editor at Nature Chemistry, and bloggers extraordinaire, Chemjobber and See Arr […]

Sciencegeist: The JACS Challenge

Originally posted June 5, 2013 Over the next several weeks, I am going to be hosting posts written by Mark Peczuh (pronounced PEEzee – thanks to some brilliant translation of Hungarian at Ellis Island). Mark is an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Connecticut. His research group synthesizes […]

Sciencegeist: Guest Writer: Mark Peczuh

Originally posted April 18, 2013 “If it bleeds, we can kill it” – Major Dutch Schaefer (This post is an entry in See Arr Oh‘s Chemistry at the Movies Blog Carnival) When Dutch and his band of military mercenaries went stalking the Predator in the jungles of South America, they […]

Sciencegeist: Movie Blood

Originally posted November 16, 2012 Someone asked about tryptophan and sleepiness earlier … So I am adding some of the slides from my Chemistry of Cooking Thanksgiving lecture. This is certainly not the final or complete word on the subject, but I thought people might enjoy it anyway. Here are […]

Sciencegeist: Tryptophan and Sleepiness

Originally posted October 25, 2012 See Arr Oh is hosting a ChemCoach blogging carnival over at his site. The hope is that someone, somewhere will find some useful helps and hints as they are pushing for their degrees in chemistry. So … Here goes … Your Current Job I am […]

Sciencegeist: #ChemCoach Carnival