Program Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement:


Healthy Teens on Mercer Island is a program designed to provide knowledge of eating habits to enhance the health of teenagers on Mercer Island







  • Healthy Teens will help adolescents learn healthy eating habits
  • Healthy Teens will help adolescents understand the consequences of skipping breakfast
  • Healthy Teens on Mercer Island will help adolescents understand how fast food and sugar can lead to poor grades
  • Healthy Teens will help adolescents become more aware of their own individual eating habits and pitfalls


Complete 30 teen motivational interviews and 3/1 hour workshops over zoom with teenagers on Mercer Island in a one month time frame



Improve awareness and positive attitude around healthy eating

Teenagers will participate in healthy eating habits suggestions i.e., no fast food, no soda for one month after program by tracking on a tracker daily



Teens will try not to skip breakfast for one month after the program


Teenagers will develop the skills to say no to unhealthy choices using Social Cognitive theory of changing behavior that is led by trained volunteers


Please view this Youtube video to better understand my goals


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